PCCM, customer- & service-oriented, is committed to manufacturing precise & cost-effective components for applications from machinery, automation, power transmission & motion control and other wide industries.

PCCM produces machine components such as servo planetary gearheads, gearboxes, gear motors, motors, BLDC motors, BLDC NEMA23, NEMA24, NEMA34, NEMA56 motors, BLDC servo motors, stepper motors, linear actuators, industrial reducers & bearings. Besides, we also supply specific components and parts per customers’ request. OEM & custom cooperation are welcomed. Customized planetary gearheads (e.g., specific mounting, shaft, key/keyway sizses, housing, torque requirement) and motors (e.g., special voltages, power, shaft configuration, torque demands) available. With advanced machining facilities, precise machining service for diverse parts (per customers' drawings) also available.

PCCM promises to offer customers superior quality products with timely responses, technical & engineering consulting, application analysis, product-selecting advice, competitive pricing, professional & friendly services. Warranty will be provided for every product we manufacture or supply.

PCCM will be your smart choice & trustable partner!



PCCM 은 고객 및 서비스 중심을 토대로 기계류, 자동화, 전력전송 ,모션 제어 및 기타 광범위한 산업 분야의 응용에 정확하고 효율적인 비용으로 제품을 공급 하기 위해 노력합니다.

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은 신속하고 정확한 응답, 기술 엔지니어링 컨설팅, 응용 프로그램 분석, 제품 어플리케이션 지원, 경쟁력 있는 견적을 통해 우수한 품질의 제품을 제공할 것을 약속 드립니다.

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