PCCM Precision Planetary Gearheads Summary

PCCM TECH., Planetary Gearheads:
Both standard & custom precision gearheads available...
  • PCCM TECH gearheads
PCCM planetary gearbox summary

PCCM TECHNOLOGIES., manufactures both standard & custom planetary gearheads.

Key Features:

  • Inline, right angle, flange, flange & right angle, hollow flange types
  • Spur or precise helical gears
  • Single, double or three stages
  • Diverse frame sizes & mounting (e.g., 42mm to 255mm, or NEMA17, NEMA23/24, NEMA34, NEMA56)
  • Wide torque ranges & reduction ratios
  • Extra high input speed (certain series)
  • Low vibration, low noise level.  
  • One-piece output shaft designed (certain series)
  • High precision series (1, 3 arcmin) or economical series
  • High efficiency (98%)
  • No oil-leaking or -adding need, maintenance-free, long service life.
  • Protection level of IP65 (IP 66 available for stainless steel series)
  • For diverse applications: printing machines, bending machines, CNC machines, machine tool, packaging, food machines, medical machines, conveyor systems, water jet system, plasma cutting machines, automation equipment, inspection equipment, etc.
  • CUSTOM gearheads (e.g., for shaft types, dia., length, materials, mounting) or for specific application requirements for such as heavy loading, torque, high-tech, etc., per request.
  • Easy to installation, able to install with almost all brands of servo motors (e.g., Allen Bradley, ABB, Baldor, Fanuc, Schneider, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Lenze, Yaskawa, Fuji, Panasonic, Parker, Omron, Teknic, Moog, Kollmorgen, B & R, Delta), BLDC, steppers or other motors as PCCM can produce specific mounting adapters to ensure that our gearheads input compatible to buyers’ motors.
  • Gearheads/gearboxes crossovers, per specifications & dimensions.
  • OEM.
  • PCCM's planetary gearboxes contains diverse series beyond listed above. For other series, please contact with PCCM directly. PCCM TECH planetary gearheads